Think You’ve Been Scammed?

Applicable to Groups

We all make mistakes. It’s best to get help when we do. If you think you may have been the victim of phishing or another scam, tell your security officer.

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Incident Reporting Phishing Social Engineering
Safe everywhere

Register your workspace in your PCT dashboard to ensure you are as secure working from home as you are working from the office.

Incident Reporting Phishing Social Engineering
Locked up

It’s okay to be stubborn about securing your devices! Do not leave your devices unsecured (that means on a bench, a coffee shop or even in the trunk of your car!). Be as stubborn as the seal about protecting your devices.

Incident Reporting Phishing Social Engineering
Proud of You

If you have a concern about the security of your devices, please take it to your security officer. You’re not bothering your security officer– they are here to help you!


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