Our Mission

At Person Centered Tech we believe that client centered care and technology can be harmonious and mutually beneficial.  As a tech expert and mental health counselor, Roy Huggins, is the bridge from the digital world to real world client care by translating the legal and technical jargon into clear and actionable information that you can apply directly to your business and your clients’ care.  We also believe that a welcomed side effect of understanding and integrating technology will be an increased efficiency and effectiveness to practice management. A core part to what we believe that part of our ethical duty as clinicians to provide the most secure methods interacting with our clients on all aspects, especially in the digital world. To us, so many of these topics are so vital that we have article series that is free for everyone because they are just too important not to share.  We encourage people to share our newsletter and spread the love. While tech is important, we know that your focus will and should always be client care so we are designed to help you spend as much time as possible focusing on your other clinical facets. We do the challenging and labor intensive work of filtering through the noise and constant change of technology and distilling it down to key matters that are personal and pertinent to you and your specific needs and present them in easy to understand, applicable knowledge.  We also know you want to time save and multi-task so we typically provide answers in a platform where you can also earn your needed continuing education.  Two birds, one feeder (no stone throwing here!) You deserve to have information that is specific to you.  Our membership model is designed to help get you access to direct consulting which is typically cost prohibitive (or unwanted at least!).   In addition, PCT has a lot of resources so we provide an orientation that will help provide you a customized pathway that will work on your personal practice’s needs and comfort level with tech.  We want to be centered around you.

—Person Centered Tech


Scheduled Maintenance

We will be temporarily taking the website offline at 10:00 PM Pacific (1:00 AM Eastern) tonight, July 6, in order to make some improvements. We plan to be back online by midnight Pacific (3:00 AM Eastern). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Dismiss