Is Your Teletherapy Process HIPAA Safe?

Most clinicians have gaps in their security processes that leave PHI vulnerable.  

Keeping your client’s private information safe from the most common and easily prevented risks is simple, once you know what to do.

    Part of what lets vulnerable clients know they can trust us with their stories is the knowledge that we regard those stories as sacred and private.

    So that raises a question: how do we hold a safe, secure space when clients communicate with us by email, text, or phone?

    It all starts with you, your processes… and your devices.

    Somehow you take the driest material and make it fun and immediately relevant.  You folks knock it out of the park!

    Maegan Carney


    Supported HIPAA & Teletherapy Security Bundle

    As clinicians, we’re not just writing our progress notes or sending emails through our devices; we’re providing all our client care through our devices too.

    This highlights that these powerful tools can also make the client information they’re used to access and handle very vulnerable if not properly secured.

    In the COVID context, security vulnerabilities of devices and online systems are being exploited at record rates and with very real consequences.

    This bundle is designed to equip you with the tools you need to secure your devices and processes, so that you can have peace of mind that you’re protecting client info and meeting your legal-ethical requirements in this new teletherapy and work-from-home landscape.

    Ideal for solo practitioners who are offering teletherapy from a home or mobile office.

      lifesaving device and a laptop

      Built with Adult Learning Principles

      Applying andragogical techniques to our courses has made them very popular! We know you’re taking this course to improve your security processes– not just to fill a CE credit requirement (although the CE credit is a nice perk!) 

      Unlike the boring courses you watch while cooking dinner (and remember next to nothing from) our courses are crafted using andragogical techniques so that you stay engaged and retain the information so you can use it in your real word practice situations.

      What’s in the Bundle?

      Self Study Training

      Teletherapy From the Home or Mobile Office: HIPAA, Ethical, and Standard of Care Issues

      1 Legal-Ethical CE Credit Hour Self Study

      Walk through how to navigate teletherapy in a transitional space, like a mobile office or your home, and all of the HIPAA, Ethical, and Standard of Care Issues that come along with it. See Brochure →

      teletherapy from the home or mobile office

      How to Protect Clients and Comply with HIPAA’s Device Security Standards in One Afternoon

      1 Legal-Ethical CE Credit Hour Self Study

      All therapists want to protect our clients from harm and our practices from liability — especially HIPAA-related liabilities. While full compliance with HIPAA is a high-level and holistic process, there is a very important piece that can be accomplished by most practitioners in just one afternoon. What’s more, this piece of the compliance picture does an enormous amount to protect your clients from confidentiality breaches and to protect your practice from security breaches.

      What is that important piece?: Applying HIPAA’s security standards to your electronic devices — e.g. smartphones and computers. See Brochure →

      teletherapy from the home or mobile office

      HIPAA Security Topical Trainings Grab-Bag

      not CE

      You know that feeling that maybe you’ve forgotten something? It’s not your coffee cup on top of your car (hopefully!), but very well could be one of these details that are easy to overlook in your HIPAA compliance.

      • Avoiding Phishing Scams
      • Stopping Social Engineering
      • Making Sure You Send and Disclose Client Info to the Right People
      • Protecting PHI in Public

      See Brochure →

      topical trainings

      Plus: Device Policy and Procedure Template

      • Checklist Handout & HIPAA Documentation Form
      • Customizable Device Security Policy (HIPAA Security Policy & Procedure Template)

      This customizable form is designed to meet the HIPAA Security Rule standards that pertain to device security and address the required technical, physical, and administrative safeguards.

      Customizable P&P template to help you meet HIPAA Security Rule Standards

      The Device Security Instruction Center

      Lifetime access to the Device Security Center means that you get accessible HIPAA-security advice for every cellphone, laptop, and tablet you have for the rest of your career. 

      Simply follow the video instructions to “harden” any device that you’re using for client PHI, and you can rest easy knowing that this chunk of your HIPAA security is set!

      Goals: Keep clients’ private information safe from the most common and easily prevented HIPAA Security risks while addressing your real-world communication needs…. all in one afternoon.

      Tech Level: Beginner

      Average Implementation Time: 2-5 hours

      Weekly Consultative Sessions for all your HIPAA, Teletherapy, and Tech Security Questions

      2 Months of access to OFFICE HOURS 


      Cut through the overwhelm with personalized, affordable consultations at our weekly Office Hours.

      Access to hundreds of sessions. Library of thousands of questions.

      Attend live or watch on your own time.


      Full Bundle



      (a $146 value) 

      2 CE Credit Hours + 1 non CE training

      Lifetime Device Security Center Access

      2 Months of Live Support through Office Hours



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