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Vital Stats

HIPAA compliance with this product appears possible?: Declined Review.

What Is This Product?

 Zingit Solutions is a mobile technology platform built to assist businesses and healthcare entities better communicate with their clientele and patients via text messaging to conduct such tasks as continued patient education, appointment reminders and well-being checks.

It appears that HIPAA compliance while using Zingit Solutions is possible; however, we noted two features — specifically, using the app to find clients via social media and to solicit online reviews — which are ethically problematic. This gives us the impression that they’re thinking of other healthcare modalities and aren’t fully understanding the needs of mental health care professionals. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t utilize Zingit Solutions, it is just something to take into account in your consideration of the product — and definitely something to incorporate into your usage policies and procedures, should you choose to adopt Zingit Solutions in your practice.

Our impression that Zingit Solutions is oriented to serving healthcare modalities other than mental healthcare providers was further confirmed in our correspondence with their leadership, in which they stated that they weren’t particularly interested in the Mental Health Industry as it is “Not really a good fit for our product as most providers are small and do not want to spend close to $200 per month on our product.”


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