Get exposure! Put your expert message in front of thousands of readers! It’ll be the best thing you ever did for your business! How much will we pay you? Well, all that exposure…

Expert sites are a hot item these days. These are places like Sharecare and You make an expert profile, sometimes you have to prove your expertise, and then you start writing articles or answering questions on the site. Google loves material from experts, and the investment of your time and the endorsement from your credentials keeps the visitors pouring in.

This is a newish take on the “content mill” — sites that crank out articles and other “content” that attracts visitors from the search engines. On expert sites, the site makes money on ads and you get exposure, which ostensibly translates to income for you.

The more you write, the more visible your work and your expert profile become in the search engines. If you can use that to your advantage, it’s a good deal. For most helpers, however, those things rarely translate to new clients. If you sell products or services of interest to a global audience, and you’re able to list them on the site, that may be a different story., for example, allows product listings.

Writing on these sites is an investment of your time and your name in the site. Whether they’re worth that investment depends on you. If an expert site invites you to write for them, carefully consider “what’s in it for me?”


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