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Brian The Invisible Man’s Questions and Answers From the Show

Q: I love
A: This is a tool that lets you easily send an email to yourself in the future right from your email client.

Q: What would you recommend as the first place to start learning about SEO and blogging for online presence?

Q: What are other options to get more online recognition besides blogging or Facebook?
A: We talked about Pinterest (an especially useful platform for reaching women) and for easily creating punchy images

Q: If you have limited time and finances, would you focus on getting a website or facebook page up and running?
A: Website!

Q: From where do you choose your  embedded videos for blogging?
A: Almost always Youtube due to ease of use. Finding interesting videos in the first place is often something that will happen via social media.

Q: Would you please say the link again about how to install WordPress

Q: Are there any paid services/companies that you would recommend using to boost online presence? Would it be worth it or better to do it myself?
A: is one place to get specific tasks taken care of. Very important to know which piece of the process you are trying to optimize. We also discussed as an option for folks who are willing to pay a monthly premium to get a lot of useful help throughout the process.

Q: do you have any advice for those of us who would actually like to spend LESS time online as a quality of life issue?
A: Precision in which online areas you are targeting. (Going back to Pinterest example, if your ideal client is a man, maybe Pinterest isn’t the place to be.) is a tool that lets you queue up social media posts so you can write ahead and only worry once about publishing things at the optimal time.


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