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What’s Below?

  1. Joe’s free information about Google AdWords.
  2. Roy’s free information about ethics and HIPAA in marketing.
  3. The PowerPoint download link
  4. Your questions from the webinar compiled and answered!

I’d love more of Joe’s information about Google AdWords

Joe Bavonese

Joe Bavonese

Joe has generously put together 4 free videos to talk about advertising with the tricky-yet-valuable Google AdWords.

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What About Roy’s Free Articles and Weekly Support Service

Roy Huggins

Roy Huggins

Our Person-Centered tech Support subscribers know they can get help from Roy, whenever they need it, in a variety of ways.

First, there are a ton of free articles. Click here for articles on web presence for clinicians. We also have an article on theACA Code of Ethics and initial contact by email.

Second, we have Person-Centered Tech Support. PCTech Support includes weekly Office Hours sessions online with Roy, and a whole Video Help Center full of instructional videos on everything from encrypting your computer to setting a strong passcode on your smartphone.

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Can I get a copy of the PowerPoint from the show?

Absolutely! Click here to download it.

I heard there were a bunch more questions that the moderators answered privately. Can I see their answers to other people’s questions?

Yep! Brian gathered together an omnibus of the questions people asked along with his answers. Roy has added in some notes where appropriate.

Q: When are these office hours sessions?
A: To see upcoming office hours sessions, go here: https://personcenteredtech.com/upcoming-event-list/

Q: Joe mentioned website.  Does it matter if its created in WordPress or something else as long as it’s mobile friendly?
A: No, it doesn’t matter.

Q: Can they text a number and have it convert to email?  We are working off a landline…
A: I am fairly certain there should be a service out there to do it. However, converting a text to an email brings in added HIPAA and security concerns. Be sure to find a service that is familiar with working for health care pros and can provide a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.

Q: What is that Chrome feature that lets you see what the site will look like on mobile?
A: In Chrome: Menu in top right->More tools->Developer tools->then click on a little rectangular smart phone item near the top left of the column that just opened.

Q: I use Line2, as opposed to Google Voice, for phone and text. Do you know if they do the Business Associates Agreement?
A: I don’t know off the top of my head. Too many services out there to keep track of all of them! Roy says: Line2 doesn’t do HIPAA Business Associate Agreements, so they’d be a nogo.

Q: Are there any texting programs or phone companies that you can use once someone is a client?
A: “Standard” telephone service is preferable for this situation. So things like Verizon/Sprint/Comcast are likely fine, but Google Voice is a no. Roy says: there are nuances to using any kind of texting with clients. See this article and our Level I CE training.

Q: I read that HIPPA applies mostly to those clinicians who work with insurance companies.
A: HIPAA compliance is required if you take insurance. The full answer is a little more nuanced than that, and Roy has answered it quite well here! – https://personcenteredtech.com/2013/05/16/am-i-a-hipaa-covered-entity-how-much-does-it-matter-if-i-am-or-not/

Q: Here’s a big vote for the onlione digital security couse[Shulamit]
A: Thanks Shulamit! The URL for the courses Roy just mentioned is: https://personcenteredtech.com/client-centered-hipaa-and-technology-live-online-learning-groups/ Roy says: thanks, Shula!

Q: Can you share your Risk disclaimer?
A: That is available for free on personcenteredtech.com to newsletter subscribers. (The newsletter is also free!)

Q: Would something like Grasshopper virtual phone system be a problem with HIPPA?
A: I don’t know about that product in particular, but anything like that is probably an issue without a BAA. Roy says: Grasshopper doesn’t do HIPAA Business Associate Agreements, so they’d be a nogo.

Q: Why is a secure contact form needed if initial contact is exempt from HIPAA.
A: Short answer: Because potential clients may dump a bunch of very person stuff regardless of telling them not to right on the form. Roy says: the exemption is technical, and HIPAA is not the body of rules and standards that applies in this situation. Ethics apply, as well.

Q: Do you have to specifically ask for a Business Assoc. Agreement?
A: Depends on the company. Sometimes they have one for you to download, sometimes have to ask.

Q: If I inform clients of risks to texting and email in my informed consent, signed off on by them, I am HIPAA compliant, right?
A: HIPAA compliant: yes. Compliant with your code of ethics: Maybe. Lots of variation about “informed” vs. “urged to exercise caution” vs. etc.  Roy says: there are nuances to using any kind of non-secure communication (e.g. email or texting) with clients. See this article and our Level I CE training.

Q: I use http://www.scheduleonce.com/ to help new clients schedule initial consultations. Is that a problem with privacy or HIPPA?
A: If they are only able to do scheduling stuff and a bare minimum of contact info (there is no option for them to spill personal details), it’s probably ok. Roy says: probably ok so long as it’s only the initial appointment. Also, may not be ethical for ACA members. Generally, you want your scheduling service to provide a Business Associate Agreement.

Q: can you repeat that? google voice not ok to use?
A: Correct, Google Voice is not good for HIPAA compliance. Roy says: Yep. No Business Associate Agreement.

Q: if a client asks “can I leave a review for you” can you say yes? tell them where?
A: We generally recommend that you say “Please don’t, because x/y/z (not because I don’t like you)” in that situation. Roy says: I agree with Brian on this one. Best to discourage.

Q: What does CTR mean?
A: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Click-through_rate

Q: This is slightly tangental: do you recommend have a separate login for work FB from your personal one?
A: Yes. Roy says: ACA Code of Ethics and NASW/ASWB guidelines also explicitly require you to keep business and personal social media presences separate.

Q: How do you look at your site via google chrome like you’re doing, roy?
A: There are a couple ways to do that. One of them is a plugin – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mobile-browser-emulator/lbofcampnkjmiomohpbaihdcbjhbfepf?hl=en

Q: why do you have to DISSUADE them from leaving a review?
A: We have an article that I think will help answer that question: https://personcenteredtech.com/2014/02/02/ethical-practice-marketing-and-online-reviews-getting-reviews-from-colleagues/

Q: is the price of Joe’s service in ADDITION to the cost of the clicks?
A: Yes. You’ll pay Google a fee per click based on how you set it up.

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