Roy with mug of coffee

Roy, drinking coffee and watching bald eagles

We are here to celebrate freedom!… in the context of the vacation. :)

In the name of work responsibilities, so many of us will keep that precious 4th of July weekend confined to just 3 days. Telemental health is here to break down that confinement and open the ability to take an extended vacation!

Imagine seeing your clients while away and being able to incorporate a healthier work-life balance.

We are happy to report that our own Advisory Board member, Erin (the perma-vacationer currently residing in and seeing clients from Rome, Italy), has been having such great results with her telehealth practice that she’s not sure she’ll be able to convince her clients to go back to working in-person when she returns to the States!

To celebrate, we’re offering our Telemental Health Certificate Program course series at $70 off. That discount is both unprecedented¬†and unrepeatable.

We are running this sale until July 4th! This will be the greatest discount to-date for our TMH program and this will not be matched again!

We just really think summer, vacations and telemental health are a perfect trio and we want to give everyone the opportunity to explore this as an option for their own private practice and their own clients.


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