New Series on Dispelling HIPAA Myths

We’re thrilled to announce our new informational resource. We will be sharing a series of vlogs to dispel common HIPAA myths and provide you with practical guidance tailored to your practice. Our goal is to help you build a robust, adaptable, and optimized practice that meets all your functionality and security needs. In this video, PCT’s director Liath introduces the series and explains how we will tackle these myths one at a time. Stay tuned for myth-busting episodes that will provide comforting and reassuring resources to support your practice.

Sponsorship Policy Update

sponsorship policy update

We can see that many thousands of our colleagues use our free resources every month. That’s great! It’s an honor to be a consistent resource to serve our community. Everyone at PCT is here because we value the principle of helping the helpers.   Who knew, however, that keeping the doors open on this enterprise […]

Confusion in Connecticut For Out of State Teletherapy Providers and Clients

Telehealth legislation aimed at removing barriers to care is abounding in the current landscape of state law. Emergency out-of-state practice allowances have been ending,  bringing legislators to look towards meeting the telehealth and healthcare needs of their constituents for the long term.  We’ve seen examples of progressive telehealth legislation being passed in Arizona, Illinois, West […]

Solo vs group practice: Records releases, “Open Notes” — what you need to know

stack of papers

Rights of Access is becoming a big deal and we are finding lots of colleagues are still unsure about what this means for their practice. In this quick 11-minute video, Roy shares some key tips to help you grasp exactly what this will look like in your practice- whether you are in a group practice […]

What Are the Problems About Taking Payments Remotely?

Now that we aren’t able to swipe cards for clients in person, how do we manage taking remote payments with teletherapy? What are the issues that we’re going to see? Taking payments from far away can be tricky (or very easy!) Roy covered 20 minutes of the basics that every practitioner who takes payments remotely […]


Scheduled Maintenance

We will be temporarily taking the website offline at 10:00 PM Pacific (1:00 AM Eastern) tonight, July 6, in order to make some improvements. We plan to be back online by midnight Pacific (3:00 AM Eastern). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Dismiss