What does it take to create, maintain, and grow a successful telemental health program within your group practice?

Like every mental health care provider at this moment, you’re faced with navigating the transition to providing client care via telemental health. As a group practice leader, you’re navigating this change not just for yourself, but for your whole team.

How can you manage this transition in a way that ensures the provision of clinically-effective standards-based care? What components do you need to have in place to facilitate this transition in a way that not only meets and responds to current needs, but also positions your practice to be strengthened by it in a way that will serve it in the long-term and position you to capture the opportunities that having a telemental health component of your practice can provide?

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We discuss issues around:

  • Role-based training. Training that provides the need-to-know information for each person within the practice. Comprehensive training for TMH program director/supervisors who will be the program decision-makers; training oriented to providing clinically-effective standards-based care via video for the clinicians.
  • Policies & Procedures. The essential foundation of a telemental health program within a practice.
  • Supervision & Coaching. The support and guidance that transforms providing telemental health care from “just doing it” to doing it really well.
  • Tech selection & effective utilization. Tech selection is a vital component of a successful telemental health program, and it goes beyond “just” the videoconferencing platform. What are some of those “beyond” needs? How do you select tech that gives the functionality, security and efficiency that your practice needs?
  • Telemental Health in the time of COVID-19. What are the insights we’ve learned from supporting group practices in making the transition to telemental health and implementing a telemental health program in the current context? What are the unique challenges, solutions, and opportunities that this context presents?


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