What is the “Cloud?”

In tech circles, “cloud” does have a rather specific meaning. For our purposes, however, we’ll define “the cloud” this way: “The Cloud” = “Other People’s Computers” Cloud services center around providing software services — and sometimes information storage services — on computers in well-connected data centers. Some Examples If you’re not sure whether or not […]

Keep ‘Em Separated: Unique Logins

Windows and Macintosh computers allow you to make separate user accounts for everyone who might use the device. The Windows Surface tablet also allows this. So wherever you can make separate accounts for people, you should do so. Keeping It Separated There are a couple advantages to creating unique user accounts for everyone who might […]

The Most Important Thing You’re Likely to Forget: Backups

As we’ve already stated several times in this training, therapists tend to be highly focused on the confidentiality of information and thus can easily forget about its availability. Antimalware, firewalls, and trusted WiFi can protect availability of information a little bit. However, the most reliable method, by far, of protecting information availability is to keep […]

November 2016 Workbook Progress Update

November 2016 Status Update Greetings Workbook subscribers! This will primarily be a technical update to outline the major pieces of the Workbook project so you have a framework to understand what the heck we’re talking about in these updates. In addition to technical work, we’re also actively searching for resources or partners to help us […]

August 2016 Workbook Status Update

Summary The workbook software is not yet done. We have explored some options to make the work go faster and settled on one of them. We don’t know when the software will be done but we will try to give you better visibility into our progress in coming months. Refunds continue to be available; we’ve […]