Just this morning, when we were getting ready to launch our weekly Office Hours session, the webinar software pooped out on us. We knew, in that moment, that this calls for a FB Live about rolling with the punches and having a backup plan for when the main plan fails.

In this FB Live presentation, Roy talks about backup videoconferencing services and Internet connections. Give it a watch to learn more.

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A Summary of the Points

Backup Video Service

  • Telehealth standards have always called for having a backup method of communicating with clients in case the main method craps out. This backup medium has usually been the telephone.
  • During COVID, everyone is struggling to keep up with the strain on computer networks. Roy talked about some backup videoconferencing services in addition to the phone.

Backup Internet

  • Even a great home/office Internet connection may run into trouble during COVID.
  • Cellular data can make a great backup, and 4G LTE has more than enough bandwidth to perform sessions.
  • People in highly rural areas have more complex problems. Solutions are sparse, but they exist.

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