person using a laptop for teletherapyHello from PCT Total Landscaping… just kidding! Roy also shares a few Total Landscaping jokes which bring levity to a quick discussion about (good news! California emergency rules) and (bad news! Zoom has been lying about end to end encryption).

The good news is great for those in and working with clients in California, especially student counselors. Roy shares how to access this information and how to use it.

Roy also details the newest insights concerning privacy and security details around using Zoom.

Watch the discussion here:


– There are significant concerns for states where there is no temporary practice allowance- even in emergency times like these.
– California is one of these big problems- it did not give any temporary practice- but new news from EMSA has new information to apply to work with specific clients in California for 30 days. Check out our 50 State tool for more information.
–  It is our recommendation to avoid Zoom as they have a poor culture of security and privacy. We continue to learn new details from Zoom that they have been exposed for lying and misleading the public around encryption, safety, and privacy. We have written more about this here.

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