Responsive support to clinical documentation post-Roe

As we work towards continuing and stewarding the legacy of the late Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, we are reminded to stay steadfast on his commitment to responsively provide to the professional community he cared so deeply about — especially around deeply personal topics. Roy did not shy away from running a company that was values-based, […]

Iceberg Watch: Where are your penguins?

I’m going to let you in on some PCT-behind the scenes today: When we talk about things we’ve gotta do, we talk A LOT about penguins. In PCT lexicon, penguins refer to all the things you need to remember to do. Your iceberg is your capacity (your memory, time etc.) and we are all, always, […]

Document or it didn’t happen

“Document or it didn’t happen” We’re guessing the late Roy Huggins said this 10 million times (give or take) in his 15 years consulting for his mental health professional colleagues. Documentation is something that so few clinicians get training on, whether it’s in regard to clinical work, HIPAA compliance, or security management. It’s something that […]

Forward Facing on Contingency Planning

Avoidance. We can be pretty good at it. But, we know that avoiding discomfort isn’t always a healthy way to cope with difficult topics. That’s why transition planning and contingency planning are so important– and are an important part of the PCT way. Getting things in order can be a gift not just to ourselves, but […]

Sponsorship Policy Update

sponsorship policy update

We can see that many thousands of our colleagues use our free resources every month. That’s great! It’s an honor to be a consistent resource to serve our community. Everyone at PCT is here because we value the principle of helping the helpers.   Who knew, however, that keeping the doors open on this enterprise […]

The No Surprises Act Support and Resources

The No Surprises Act Support and Resources We know that the specifics of how to provide the GFEs for self-pay clients have generated a lot of questions and some understandable anxiety within the practicing community. We have addressed the No Surprises Act and GFE specifics a number of times in both of our direct support and consultation […]

Solo vs group practice: Records releases, “Open Notes” — what you need to know

stack of papers

Rights of Access is becoming a big deal and we are finding lots of colleagues are still unsure about what this means for their practice. In this quick 11-minute video, Roy shares some key tips to help you grasp exactly what this will look like in your practice- whether you are in a group practice […]

With a VPN, Your Staff Can Work Just About Anywhere


We know that one of your biggest concerns right now is staff working remotely, and in making sure they’re being safe and secure. Luckily, VPNs are a low-cost and easy way to help solve this problem. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. VPNs work by signing up for a VPN service and then installing that […]


Scheduled Maintenance

We will be temporarily taking the website offline at 10:00 PM Pacific (1:00 AM Eastern) tonight, July 6, in order to make some improvements. We plan to be back online by midnight Pacific (3:00 AM Eastern). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Dismiss