Crafting Your Web Presence and Website

These days, it is a given that all mental health professionals in private practice need a website. And more importantly, everyone has a web presence whether they want it or not! Over the years, we at Person Centered Tech have seen a lot of errors made when it comes to clinicians’ websites and web presence. Whether they be marketing errors or ethics errors, we decided we would do our part to empower you with the information you need to correct such errors or prevent them in the first place.

To that end, Person Centered Tech is pleased to present the following collection of articles about how to craft your website and web presence. Click an arrow or title below to see a summary of the article and a link to open it. Person Centered Tech has been publishing free articles on technology in mental health practice since 2012.

 1) Roy’s Top 10 Mistakes in Marketing Your Practice Online
 2) Digital Ethics in Putting Forms, Articles and Other Materials on Your Website
 3) Therapy Website Legalities: “Posted” = “Published”
 4) Ethical and Effective Practice Marketing: Online Local Business Listings
 5) Ethical Practice Marketing and Online Reviews: Getting Reviews From Colleagues

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