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The Person Centered Tech Membership for Individuals

Membership Overview

Person Centered Tech filters the noise of the technology through education, customizable tools, expert consulting. Our direct answers will provide you with a clear, manageable solutions to support your clinical practice needs.

Membership Resources

The Core
NBCC & APA approved CE

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The Assessment
HIPAA Risk Analysis Tool

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The Solutions
How-To Resources & Product Reviews

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The Plan
Customizable Policy & Procedure Templates

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Office Hours
Ongoing, Direct Consultation

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Person Centered Tech’s individual membership is now offered on a monthly basis at $35/month. For those who wish to pay annually and save the cost of 2 months-worth of membership, annual subscription is just $350/year.

Looking for group service plans?

Person Centered Tech offers comprehensive, customizable, and cost-effective solutions for group practices.

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If you’d like a personalized consultation to discuss how membership could benefit YOU, email us to set up a free 10-minute talk.

At Person Centered Tech we believe that client centered care and technology can be harmonious and mutually beneficial.

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