Understanding How HIPAA Applies to You

At Person Centered Tech we often hear that working with HIPAA Security is a mysterious and arduous process. We think this need not be true. HIPAA only comes across that way because the information mental health professionals often get is either wrong or just skims the surface. And many commercial interests will play on our fear of punishment from an authority to get us to buy products related to HIPAA. But fear only makes understanding worse, and it may drive reactive behaviors that won’t help achieve HIPAA compliance.

To help turn this situation around, Person Centered Tech is pleased to present the following collection of articles about HIPAA Security. Click an arrow or title below to see a summary of the article and a link to open it. Person Centered Tech has been publishing free articles on technology in mental health practice since 2012. We also offer a free continuing education course on HIPAA Security in Mental Health. If you would like CE credit for your study time, and also like free things, sign up for our free courses.

 1) Am I a HIPAA Covered Entity? How Much Does It Matter If I Am Or Not?
 2) What is a HIPAA Business Associate?
 3) What is HIPAA Breach Notification?
 4) Easy Safe Harbor From HIPAA Breach Notification: Now on Your Computer and Smartphone
 5) Mental Health Professionals’ 3 Steps to (Actually) Be HIPAA Security Compliant
 6) “HIPAA-Compliant” Is a Meaningless Phrase. Let’s Use “HIPAA-Secure.”
 7) Empower Yourself and Your Clients: Comply With HIPAA
 8) Risk Analysis and Risk Management Planning: Can You Do It Yourself?
 9) Mental Health Practice Checklist: 8 Practice Tech Items You Need
 10) Where Can I Get Free HIPAA Forms, Contracts, and Tools?

 Going Further

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