Practicing via Telemental Health III: The Clinician-Client Relationship

Course Materials

Pre-Intake Needs
Informed Consent and Intake Session
Ongoing Sessions and Termination
Communicating Between Sessions
Module 5 Wrap Up
Module 6: Online Disinhibition Effect
Theory of Online Disinhibition
Using Online Disinhibition for Good
Module 6 Wrap Up
Course Wrap Up


  1. Onboarding telemental health clients
    • Securely delivering and receiving intake paperwork
    • Norming the telemental health relationship and processes
  2. TMH informed consent elements
  3. Evaluating appropriateness for telemental health
    • The dyadic and contextual aspects of appropriateness for telemental health
    • Psychological and contextual conditions requiring special consideration
    • Norming the clients’ role in modulating their own behavior to support effectiveness of the telemental health service delivery medium
  4. Crisis/emergency planning
    • Backup communications methods
    • Crisis planning in telemental health
  5. Working with clients from intake to termination via telemental health
    • Intake considerations
    • Considerations at each session
    • Considerations from time-to-time through the relationship
    • Termination considerations
  6. Managing and leveraging online disinhibition effect
    • How the effect can impede therapy and how to mitigate that
    • How the effect can improve therapy and how to leverage that
  7. Communicating with clients outside of video (e.g. email, text, phone, etc.)
    • Between-session boundaries
    • Content of messages
    • Secure vs. nonsecure communication methods

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