distress less series

Distress Less Seminar Series

Therapy for the Therapists

A free series of seminars brought to you by your friends at Person Centered Tech to help make your work as a clinician suck less.


Navigate what is worth spending your worry on, and what is simply not worth the cortisol spike.

This series of free webinars will be filled with tips on how to struggle less (or, at best, reduce your workload) and feel less worried about the things that cause you stress– like the HIPAA police, what to do when there’s a breach, and how to navigate clinicians joining and leaving your practice. 

We will be creating events for both group practices and solo practitioners, (so look out for our demarcation tags!) so that everyone can breathe a big gasp of fresh air.

There are many things in our work as clinicians that are worth the cortisol of your worry, but often, that concern is misplaced. We’re here to help you navigate what is worth spending your worry on, and what is simply not worth the cortisol spike.


You are an amazing resource to the community!  Thank you so much for all of the extra time and effort you are putting into seeing the therapist community through this crisis.  I have always appreciated your presence, tone and resources and now I am marveling at your dedication, commitment and care in this difficult time.  Thank you for all you and your team are doing!!!

Laura Kramer, LMHC CDP

Portland, OR

Streamlined Growth Management of a Group Practice

Geared to Group Practices, this seminar presents the simplest way to deal with turnover and growth. Our goal is always efficiency; ensuring that you can run smoothly without the pressure.

Let’s not spend half your admin day figuring out the details of workforce management and what hipaa requires and… how you are going to balance this without adding tons of work to your already stacked workload. We’ve got you.

1 hour presentation

roy and liath headshots

Onboarding and Offboarding with Compliance and Ease in Mind

with Roy Huggins, LPC NCC and Liath Dalton

includes onboarding/offboarding checklist

You’re a group owner in this wild, emergent time. How do you deal with this explosive growth (without losing your mind)?

In this presentation, Roy Huggins and Liath Dalton will discuss how to deal with bringing on people and letting them leave safely, securely and with HIPAA compliance in mind.

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Make Your Tech Work Harder (so you can take a break!)

Knowing how to effectively leverage all the functionalities Google Workspace includes can reduce the number of other services you need to meet their functionality need and drastically reduce expense and streamline your workflow.

Suitable for those just starting with Google Workspace and those who already know the ropes.

2 hour presentation



Making Practice Life Easier and More Efficient With Google Workspace

with Evan Dumas, MA

includes handouts

What happens when we let Google Workspace do the heavy lifting?

Geared to those in both private practice or group practices, this seminar presents systems run by Google Workspace that will make your practice life easier and help you meet or exceed your security and HIPAA compliance requirements.

Answering all of the most popular and pressing questions about how to utilize Google Workspace in a mental health practice, we will help walk attendees through best practices for setting up, maintaining and optimizing your systems in Google Workspace so you can have a more effective, enjoyable practice life.

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