Your Free Courses Are Coming!

Roy's FaceYou’re just about there! That email will land in your Inbox and a solid, sane introduction to HIPAA Security will be yours — with CE credit for your time.

The email could take up to 15 minutes to arrive, so please be patient.

(BTW, there’s a special hint below for getting the most out of our free courses. Be sure to read it!)

Once it arrives, here are the steps for getting your courses:

  • Follow the instructions to set a password for your account.
  • Go to your My Self-Study Courses page. There will be a link in the email. Or you can click here for your courses page.
  • Choose the course you want to take first. One is a “guided reading,” meaning it has only articles to read. The other is an interactive, self-guided seminar of videos, text, and self-check polls.
  • Complete the course.
  • Take the quiz. You can attempt quizzes as many times as you need and use whatever materials you’d like to help you. After you pass the quiz, we will show you what you got wrong and what the correct answers were. We want to make sure you understand the material well!
  • Fill out the evaluation.
  • Download the your CE certificate!
  • Repeat for the other course!

A super secret hint for you!

We don’t normally tell people this ahead of time, but…

When you fill out the evaluation form, there’s a chance to get a 25% off coupon for anything on our site. All you have to do is leave us some constructive and useful written feedback on the evaluation form. If you write something to help us improve, we’ll send you that coupon. Our best tip is that you use it to purchase the Digital Confidentiality Course Series, so you can continue your study of sane and therapy-affirming approaches to HIPAA Security.


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