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evanEvan Dumas, MA, wears a lot of hats. With a masters degree in mental health counseling, a background in tech support, and a dabbling in moustache wax, zine making, and neuroscience he’s perfectly at home helping clinicians and groups of all sizes cope with the intricacies of HIPAA and Telehealth. You’ll often find him laughing along the way, to bring some lightness to the heavy stuff.

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This center is a part of the presentation Making Practice Life Easier and More Efficient With Google Workspace. If you haven’t watched the presentation yet, we recommend starting there!

Starting from scratch? View the setup steps here!

Part 1 - The Signup
Part 2 - The Setup
Part 3 - The Verifying
Part 4 - The Users
Part 5 - The Gmails
Part 6 - The BAA
Part 7 - The Passwords
Part 8 - The Two Step
Part 9 - The Sharing and Forwarding

Running a Group? We’ll help you set up Google Vault

Google Vault Step 1: Signing up for Vault
Google Vault Step 2: Organizational Units
Google Vault Step 3: On or Off?
Google Vault Step 4: Last step, start saving!

Miscellaneous Tips

Misc Tip: How to Create a Contact Form (and put it on your website too!)
Misc Tip: How to Configure Intake Forms to Share
Misc Tip: How to Configure Intake Forms to Notify Multiple People
Misc Tip: How to Change Email Safety Settings


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