Group HIPAA Security Service Plans

Compliance is a lot like therapy…. it’s a process.

Implement a fully functioning (and PRACTICAL!) security program while becoming HIPAA secure and compliant.

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What would you do with your extra time?

We provide significant time savings — enough to free you up to do something you love!

When you lean on us, there’s no need to be a tech and security expert! All the hard work is done for you. AND, by working smarter, you’re making the most of your resources so you can give your best self to your clients and your team.

You Get to Skip the Hard Stuff

  • Policies & Procedures

    No more P&P headaches! Let’s be honest, writing a full set of compliance documents takes hundreds of human hours — and you have much better things to do. We provide customizable templates that make sure your Policies and Procedures are quick to adapt and comprehensive to cover all needed facets

  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation

    We do your Risk Analysis and Mitigation Planning FOR YOU. Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation planning are the most foundational aspects of HIPAA security compliance — often the most challenging, stressful, and time-consuming requirements to meet. We take all of that off your plate so that it is done, and done right.

Client Centered Security Lens
so that Your Efforts are Concentrated
Where it Matters Most.

HIPAA Security Service Plans

Compliance is a lot like therapy…. it’s a process.

And we’re here to help you through the whole thing.

Support Where You Need It

The PCT Approach

Secure the training, consultation, tools and
templates, software, and research to make sure
HIPAA doesn’t consume all of your resources —
like your money and time.





Change Management

Security Culture Norming

Leadership Coaching

PCT offers three service plans for HIPAA Security Compliance, so you can choose the level of support you need to achieve compliance.

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Find out how this could look in YOUR group practice and solve your specific needs.

Group Tools to Lead the Way

Each of our service plans offer interactive tools that pair with our supportive guidance.

Unlike other HIPAA programs, you’ll have everything you need to facilitate a strong security platform that keeps you and your clients HIPAA safe.

Customizable Policy & Procedures

Security Forms & Logs

Guidance and Implementation Docs

Risk Analysis Tool 

CE Training: security officer, admin, clinician

Check that item off the (dreaded) section of your have-to-do list!

PCT Performs the Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation FOR You

Risk analysis is the most foundational aspect of HIPAA security compliance and is often the most challenging, stressful, and time-consuming requirement to meet.

With our supported and partnered programs, we take all of that off your plate so that it is done, and done right.

In our supported and partnered program, the “foundational” risk analysis requirement of HIPAA compliance — typically the most challenging and least followed requirement — is done
for you, by our experts, at the outset of the process.

Our proprietary tool contains all of the necessary components for performing and documenting a “thorough and accurate” risk analysis, as required by HIPAA, including:

  • Threat Assessment Get a clear picture of the risk level of applicable threats to*your* practice based on both what you’re doing (in-practice) and what your documentation/official P&Ps cover (compliance.)

  • Risk Mitigation Planning
    Your risk mitigation plan shows you exactly what measures are needed to mitigate the risks requiring action that your risk analysis identified and shows you exactly which of the Policies & Procedures and tasks in your program will provide the necessary mitigation.

Tasks are FULLY comprehensive and detailed.
There’s no wondering what to tackle next!

Making the difference between need-to-do and D-O-N-E

Our personalized tools facilitate the completion and adoption of your security program. View interactive examples of our work in action.

This project management system is easy to use, and will provide at-a-glance functionality throughout the entire process. Available on both supportive and partnered programs.

Step-by-Step Program

Our plan + project management system = Easy & Organized for you!

(Jump in… Click in the document to see it work!)

Here’s an example pulled from a real task card:

Group Practice Office Hours

Group Practice Office Hours (GOH) is the weekly open-office live (and recorded) consultation event where you can get personalized support for your practice questions from industry experts.

Chat with PCT Experts including Roy Huggins, NCC LPC, and Liath Dalton plus gain support from therapist lawyer Eric Strom JD PhD LMHC.

If it matters to you, it matters to us. 


CE Credit Hour Training

Role-based HIPAA and mental health ethics training (CE for clinical staff) for your whole team equips everyone to fulfill their responsibilities.

Safely Allow Staff to Bring Their Own Devices into Clinical Work Safely

Bring Your Own Device options can be really wonderful — allowing staff to use the devices they know and love, and saving you from equipment costs. But it can be risky. The BYOD component of our HIPAA Security program ensures the practice and its clients are safe and secure.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Your team wants to use the devices they already use and love.

Allowing your team to use their favorite devices reduces the frustration of your staff and reduces equipment acquisition costs for you too. 

But, employee owned devices used for clinical work can be risky. Since the security of client information is the responsibility of the practice and not the owner of the device, it is imperative that you have plan for your team’s devices.

So what’s the answer?

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program!

When client info is accessed or handled by a device, its security (or lack thereof) is the responsibility of the practice — whether or not the device is practice-owned.

The PCT HIPAA Security Program provides the resources and support for a device security management plan that addresses the necessary technical and behavioral security measures.

Check out a sample BYOD resource page below, which will be personalized to your practice. Click around to see how EASY it is:

Still Not Sure?

Our team is here to help.

Tools Only

All tools and materials needed for DIY.

Help is always available via consultation.


Supported Program

All tools and materials needed

Security Officer CE Credit Training

Security Officer Onboarding

Risk Analysis done for you

Support through Group Practice Office Hour

Partnered Program

Unlimited Program Guidance

Staff training tracking

PCT experts do the Risk Analysis for you

Custom Project Management System

Change Management & Culture Norming Support

Pricing based upon size of practice.

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