Hushmail for Healthcare Review

RoyWe talk a lot at Person Centered Tech about the need for secure email options. We also frequently mention Hushmail as a good choice for filling that technology need. Here I’ll break down a few reasons why Hushmail is on our shortlist for secure email services.

1) You can use Hushmail with ease and keep your costs down

If you do a Google search for “HIPAA email” or “secure email,” you’ll find a million results. Each service has something unique about it, but in the end they all do the same thing: help you securely send and receive really important information in a HIPAA-compliant fashion. And some of them can be downright pricey despite doing the same general thing that everyone else does.

Hushmail not only does this important task simply and cleanly, but it does so without charging an arm and a leg. See Hushmail’s affordable pricing here. We love that it includes Hush Secure Forms, which are very valuable (see below) along with the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement and protected archive of your emails.

2) You can trust Hushmail’s experience in the field

Hushmail was one of the first companies to get into the game of secure email back in the late 90s. They started with a solid reputation and have maintained it since. That’s why Person Centered Tech has been referring our readers to Hushmail since years before the company started advertising with us — our team members have known and trusted Hushmail for over 15 years.

I recently started consulting for Hushmail to help them serve the mental health field more effectively. In my meetings with the leadership, there have been several times when we examined how some of Hushmail’s competitors make the process of secure email feel more streamlined. When these competitors’ methods have meant a reduction in security, Hushmail’s technical leadership has always refused to emulate them. The company culture is focused on doing its job right, rather than simply getting the most customers it can any way it can.

3) Hushmail allows you to receive confidential messages through a secure contact form on your website

One of the big reasons I use Hushmail in my own counseling practice is the Hush Secure Forms. This feature lets me place a page on my website where clients and colleagues can securely send me messages and attachments right through my website. This is great for initial contact from prospective clients, clients sending me their intake forms and other files, getting secure documents from colleagues, collecting electronic signatures from clients (if you have a plan that includes e-signatures), etc.

There are a few other services out there that offer secure forms like I describe above — but just a few. Hushmail is one of them and, once again, is one of the most affordable.

If you’re looking for a secure email option for your practice that also includes secure web forms and electronic signature, I and the rest of the Person Centered Tech team recommend Hushmail for Heathcare without reservation.

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