HIPAA Security Reminders

...Have Been Memed

A lighthearted way to keep on your HIPAA security compliance needs.

Great for Group Practice Security Officers or Solo Practitioners
  • Protect PHI
  • Keep Yourself Safe From Hackers
  • Stay HIPAA Aware

Created by HIPAA Security Compliance experts Roy Huggins, LPC NCC and Liath Dalton to help you stay on top of your compliance needs in a fun, engaging way.

password hygiene
Create Strong Passwords

Just a few more characters and a couple of punctuation marks will make your password stronger.

digital confidentiality password hygiene
sssStay sssSuspicious

Never share your password. Not with your boss. Not with your cat. No one.

password hygiene Social Engineering
Bad First Date

No legit person will ask for your password.

Protecting Confidentiality Social Engineering
Firewalls are for Safety

Before disabling your firewall, ask your Security Officer for help.

risk management security
Check with your Security Officer

Before disabling your antivirus, ask your security officer for help first. They will help keep you, and the information on your device, safe.

password hygiene
Keep Your Secrets

Re-using the same password between sites is the #1 reason behind bad guys getting your password.

Out of Office Security
Don’t Leave Your VPN Behind

Need to use strange WiFi? Remember to make sure your VPN is up and running first!

password hygiene
Stronger Passwords

Need a strong password you can remember? Try a passphrase!

Phishing Social Engineering
Who you gonna call?

When you run into issues with your firewall, ask your Security Officer for help instead of disabling the firewall. They can help you!

PHI In Public Protecting Confidentiality
PHI left in a car…is unsecured.

You might be surprised what people will break into cars to steal — don’t leave documents or devices in there

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