HIPAA Security Reminders

...Have Been Memed

A lighthearted way to keep on your HIPAA security compliance needs.

Great for Group Practice Security Officers or Solo Practitioners
  • Protect PHI
  • Keep Yourself Safe From Hackers
  • Stay HIPAA Aware

Created by HIPAA Security Compliance experts Roy Huggins, LPC NCC and Liath Dalton to help you stay on top of your compliance needs in a fun, engaging way.

Phishing Social Engineering
That isn’t Google Callin’

Apple, Google, etc. security people will never ask to take control of your computer

PHI In Public
Your Trunk Isn’t a Beary Good Option

Keep your computer and phone with you. Your car isn’t safe enough for your valuable electronics.

Confidentiality Disclosures
Releasing Client Records

It’s always a good idea to double or triple check you have the correct email address, phone number, etc when releasing a client’s records.

Confidentiality Social Engineering
Zip Yer Lips

You shouldn’t share any information with anyone who isn’t authorized to receive that information.

Out of Office Security
Private Workspace (even at home!)

At home with the fam? Make sure they know your workspace is private.

Confidentiality PHI In Public
Always Lock it Up

Leaving devices or papers at the office or home — even temporarily? Remember to make sure they’re locked away.

Out of Office Security
Beef Up Your Connection

Would you rely on a neighbor to host a therapy session? You probably shouldn’t rely on their Internet connection to carry one, either. The data from your mobile hotspot is preferable than using your neighbor’s wifi. Your signal will be stronger and your connection will be safer.

Confidentiality Phishing Social Engineering
“No.” is a complete sentence

No one should ever ask you for your password. So, just say no!

Confidentiality PHI In Public
Hold Please!

It’s okay to take a moment and put away client info when someone steps up to you. This is true in coffee shops, in waiting rooms, and anywhere else.

Confidentiality PHI In Public
Finding Private Spaces

Phone calls from (or about) clients can come just about any time or in any place. Be sure to take your call somewhere private when the need arises.

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