HIPAA Security Reminders

...Have Been Memed

A lighthearted way to keep on your HIPAA security compliance needs.

Great for Group Practice Security Officers or Solo Practitioners
  • Protect PHI
  • Keep Yourself Safe From Hackers
  • Stay HIPAA Aware

Created by HIPAA Security Compliance experts Roy Huggins, LPC NCC and Liath Dalton to help you stay on top of your compliance needs in a fun, engaging way.

No Lookie-Lous

Keep your sessions private by using the right wifi.

Password managers lighten the load

Use your password manager! Using a secure way to store and use your passwords keeps your information safe and secure.

Runaway train

When you use an unsecured network, all your sensitive information is like a runaway train and you simply don’t have control over it anymore.

Big Tech won’t ask for your password

If Apple, Microsoft or any other big tech company calls and asks for your password, just say no. They don’t need your password by phone, but scammers do.

A Good Email Can Go

When you have no BCCs in your email, it’s ready to go!

password hygiene Protecting Confidentiality
Secure the Bag (and the devices!)

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to secure your devices when you log off your work hours– even at home.

Confidentiality email Protecting Confidentiality risk management Social Engineering
Emailing Passwords

Never email a password or payment information. Not even if they promise to delete it right away! 

No Secondary Location

Just say no to suspicious links!

Run Away!

Legitimate businesses never ask for your password

password hygiene
Create Strong Passwords

Just a few more characters and a couple of punctuation marks will make your password stronger.


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