HIPAA Security Reminders

...Have Been Memed

A lighthearted way to keep on your HIPAA security compliance needs.

Great for Group Practice Security Officers or Solo Practitioners
  • Protect PHI
  • Keep Yourself Safe From Hackers
  • Stay HIPAA Aware

Created by HIPAA Security Compliance experts Roy Huggins, LPC NCC and Liath Dalton to help you stay on top of your compliance needs in a fun, engaging way.

Confidentiality PHI In Public
Hold Please!

It’s okay to take a moment and put away client info when someone steps up to you. This is true in coffee shops, in waiting rooms, and anywhere else.

Confidentiality PHI In Public
Finding Private Spaces

Phone calls from (or about) clients can come just about any time or in any place. Be sure to take your call somewhere private when the need arises.

Phishing Social Engineering
“Support Person” Phishing Scams

Some phishing scams use a fake support person who calls to trick you into giving info. Hang up and call the support number on the company website, instead.

Say No to BCC

Adding email addresses as BCC is risky and sometimes leads to clients seeing each other’s addresses. Instead of BCC, send emails to recipients individually.

Confidentiality Social Engineering
Acknowledging Client Identities

Stay clueless! Don’t confirm any client identities or give any client information to anyone to whom you’re not prepared to disclose client information.

Confidentiality Social Engineering
Client Confidentiality

Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. When someone asks you about one of your clients, feel free to enthusiastically decline.

Incident Reporting Phishing Social Engineering
Think You’ve Been Scammed?

We all make mistakes. It’s best to get help when we do. If you think you may have been the victim of phishing or another scam, tell your security officer.

Confidentiality PHI In Public
Activate: Human Shield

Keep some distance between other people and your computers, smartphones, or other client info-bearing devices. It’s worth it for your clients’ privacy!

Phishing Social Engineering
Using Your Own Channels

Phishing scams often involve getting you to call a fake number or click a fake link. Don’t do it! Instead, call the company or visit their website directly.

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