Legal Considerations For Practice Needs During COVID-19: HIPAA and Marketing, Cross-Jurisdiction Practice


Staying connected via routes of electronic communication is vital for us as clinicians and business owners.  However, ethical use of such “marketing” communications with clients, former clients, and prospective clients can be challenging under the Federal HIPAA standards.  This one hour course will discuss the HIPAA standards relating to marketing communications and present practical solutions to some of the most common challenges.  Included is a sample ROI form that can be used to ethically sign-up clients for newsletters and other communications from your practice.

The legal-ethical considerations for cross-state/jurisdictional practice are something many clinicians who offer teletherapy must navigate in non-emergency times; under the emergency declarations currently in place across the country due to COVID-19, many licensing boards have temporarily removed restrictions on practice by non-licensees. This course will discuss the process for locating standards, and emergency rules, that apply to cross-state practice so that clinicians can ensure their provision of client care is within the applicable parameters.


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