HIPAA Security Awareness Grab-Bag

A collection of three short courses helping you and your staff maintain your security awareness through better handling of PHI in public, avoiding inappropriate disclosures, and preventing phishing and social engineering attacks.

Security Awareness - Handling PHI in Public

• When do we typically handle PHI in public?
• When and how to hide screens
• Keeping devices with you
• Keeping smartphone screens private
• A 3-step checklist for handling PHI in public

Security Awareness - Avoiding Inappropriate Disclosures of PHI

• When do we typically disclose PHI?
• Methods of authenticating recipients of PHI
• Errors that create accidental disclosures
• Techniques used by malicious actors to elicit disclosures
• A 3-step checklist for avoiding inappropriate disclosures of PHI

Security Awareness - Stopping Phishing and Social Engineering

• When do we typically encounter phishing and social engineering?
• What is phishing?
• Why is phishing sometimes successful?
• What do phishers want?
• Spotting phishing and social engineering
• What to do when phishing attempts come up
• What to do after a phishing attempt
• A 3-step checklist for stopping phishing attempts from working

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