Solo Practitioner PCT Way Steps 4 & 5 Formal HIPAA Compliance Bundle

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HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Planning

Need help tackling your HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation plan? No shame here!

We know this can be a very stressful component of HIPAA compliance requirements for our colleagues, so we've developed a proprietary tool* and service to make it easy.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

We do your Risk Analysis and Mitigation Planning FOR YOU. Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation planning are the most foundational aspects of HIPAA security compliance — often the most challenging, stressful, and time-consuming requirements to meet. We take all of that off your plate so that it is done, and done right.

*The risk analysis and risk mitigation planning tool is provided in electronic format, delivered via a shared Google Drive folder.


Solo PCT Way HIPAA Manual

We know how incredibly difficult it is for mental health professionals in solo practice to be able to afford the kinds of consultation and materials it takes to get fully HIPAA Security compliant. It often costs more than $1,000 just to get the basics, and that doesn't always include any help walking you through how to use the materials you just bought.

That's why we made the Solo PCT Way HIPAA Manual. It's not just policy templates. It's also a set of mini-courses which incrementally walk you through the process of setting up your HIPAA manual and getting your practice comfortably in compliance with that manual.

Because your practice only has 1 clinician, and you are using The PCT Way to set up your tech systems, we were able to greatly simplify the manual and make the process of compliance much easier. So yes, this is a fully effective HIPAA compliance product made just for you.

We want to help the professions get HIPAA secure and reduce the stress around it.

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