Get HIPAA Security Compliant In Your Solo or Small Group Private Practice!

Watch: Easy and Painless HIPAA Security in 1 min.

Simple, Sane HIPAA Security and More

  • HIPAA Risk Analysis, Risk Management Plan, and Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Online, expert group consultation 4 times per month
  • At least 12 NBCC-approved CE clock hours
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Only $16.25/mo (billed annually at $195/year) for the first two years
  • Package the workbook with other services and save

We are launching a set of Workbooks to gently guide you through compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule (“Security Compliance”) on paper, online, or on your local computer at your own pace.

  • After Workbook 1 (Coming May 31st, 2015): A Risk Analysis for your practice. Free sample: Download the Introduction
  • After Workbook 2 (Coming Summer, 2015): A Risk Management Plan
  • After Workbook 3 (Coming Fall, 2015): A Policies and Procedures Manual
  • We’ll document everything you do so you’ll be prepared in the unlikely event of an audit. The workbook itself will be your documentation!
  • For the duration of your subscription: You’ll have tools and information to maintain and update your Security Compliance documentation as your practice and the world of technology change over time.

Pre-Purchase: $16.25 / mo
(Billed annually at $195/year)

What are the benefits of prepurchase?

Watch: “It’s Really Been a Helpful Process” (30 sec.)

Annie Schwain has been helping test the Risk Analysis Workbook. Hear what she has to say about it.
  • Workbook subscription
    • This includes the three Workbooks that guide you through the initial Security Compliance process, plus the Ongoing materials and tools you need to stay in compliance over the lifetime of your practice. Check out a sample of the first Workbook.
    • The three Workbooks include at least 5 NBCC-approved CE hours. These Continuing Education hours will cover HIPAA and legal/ethical security concepts important to understand as you proceed through the Workbooks.
  • Person-Centered Tech Support subscription
    • Access to Office Hours, our product designed to give you individualized support when you need it and a growing video library of previous sessions.
    • Priority and/or discount access to one-on-one consulting with Person-Centered Tech experts.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
    • If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will happily give you a full discount.
    • If you sign up before Workbook 1 is released, the 30 day window won’t start until you actually have Workbook 1 in your hands.
  • Free self-study CE for one year
    • For one year after purchase you receive all of our self-study CE hours free. Our first example is online here.
    • We will make at least 7 CE hours available in this format during the next year.
  • Low-price guarantee for second year
    • For those who purchase now, the price for next year’s subscriptions will be no more than the $195 you pay for the first year.

Woman at her computer looking excited
Pre-Purchase This Service Now — $16.25 / mo
(Billed annually at $195/year)

What if I wait until later?

  • If you purchase before May 31st the cost is $16.25/mo (billed annually at $195/year.) You also keep that $195 rate for the second year of subscription.
  • After May 31st, the cost rises by $80 to $275.

More Information

If you want to understand more about risk analysis and risk management before embarking on these tasks, you might consider our two-part digital ethics online learning groups or our guided reading (CE free for newsletter subscribers (the newsletter is also free!)).

Get the Workbook in a Package and Save

We are also packaging the workbook with services from Rob Reinhardt of Tame Your Practice. These packages are especially well-suited to our colleagues in Minnesota, because Rob is an expert at matching clinicians with an appropriate EHR system that will best help their practice.

→See our packages with Tame Your Practice here!


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