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  • Roy Huggins, LPC NCC

    1-to-1 Consultation for Software Developers

  • Row of British phone booths

    2019 Therapists’ Update CE Bundle

  • the numbers 2019 written out in sparklers

    2019 Therapists’ Security and Privacy Update for Mental Health Practice

  • Laptop on a Pile of Books

    An Online Therapy Primer: Legal, Ethical, and Technical Issues in Starting Telemental Health Practice

  • Consultation with PCT team

  • Roy Huggins

    Consultation with Roy

  • Woman With EMV Credit Card Reader

    Credit/Debit Cards and Electronic Payments in Mental Health Private Practice: Regulatory and Ethical Issues

  • Man's hand writing on paper with fancy pen

    Dealing with Insurance: How Auditors Think and Why

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    Device Security Pack

  • Magic Effervescent Email

    Email and Texting in Mental Health Practice: Legal-Ethical and Risk Management Issues