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Can you meet your clients where they are in the digital world?

Person Centered Tech is designed to help you meet your clients where they are in the digital world wither it be though text, email or EHR. PCT’s electronic library of articles and videos will provide you with easy to understand know-how, and our product reviews will give you expert opinions on products we have thoroughly vetted.

Product Reviews

The Person Centered Tech team extensively researches software and other electronic platforms to make sure they are doing what they claim to do.  (OK… We grill ’em and put them through the ringer! We have very high expectations on your behalf.)  Our team challenges products to make sure they can be HIPAA-secure and ethically sound, have features that are actually helpful, evaluate company culture and support, and cost.

Choosing a product is very important, time consuming, and directly impactful to the functioning of your practice. Finding your best technology solution can make your practice management more efficient and effective. We make finding those solutions quick and cost effective for you; we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Only members have access to our HIPAAppropriate product reviews. Members, if we don’t have a product currently reviewed: just ask and we will review them for you!

How-To Videos

Not sure how to go about encrypting your device? Our step-by-step device specific guides will show you how. Our members have access to our reference library where we provide video tutorials to help you secure and configure your devices properly.  Check out some of our sample videos!


Our online articles provide a range of knowledge that give general content for the most common technology focuses.  To meet our clients where they are at, we need to be able to successfully, safely and ethically navigate the world of computers, tablets, smartphones, websites, emails, text, online fax, EHR systems, and electronic payment platforms. These topics are so near and dear to us that we make many of these resources open to the general public, so please share with your community.

Check out a few of our How-To Videos!

We enjoy nerdy. Let us do the nerdy for you!
A great side effect of well designed and applied technology is more efficient and effective practice management

It is awesome- the video tutorial walk throughs are a life saver for tech-unsavvy folks like myself- thank you!


You are fantastic! Thank you.


I have been paying way too much for my HIPPA compliant e-fax and thanks to [Person Centered Tech], I have been able to get recommendations for other services for an 1/8 of the price. Your recommendations saved me a lot of time and frustration from doing research.


Current. Actionable. Depthful

Q & A about Our Articles and Reviews

1.   I don’t see a review on [this new product.] How can I get one?

Simple.  PCT will review any product a member brings to us. Send us an email and any questions you may have, and we will promptly add it to our team’s to-do list.  We will get access to the product, converse directly with the manufacturers, and give it a good test run.

2.    What type of issues do your reviews look for?

Our primary focus will be on making sure the product is secure, compliant and very protective of the information it holds.  We also look for some of the general features that will benefit you.  We also compare prices on products, because if we can provide you savings, we will. Our recommendations will also cover any actions that need to be done on your part to make sure you can use the product in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

3.  What devices and operating systems do your tutorials cover? Will you show me instructions for my specific device?

The Video Help Center contains clear, thorough, step-by-step demos specific to:

Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7


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