TMH: Tech Select

The PCT team can help you choose which videoconferencing platforms and support software are a best fit for your personal practice online therapy needs.  Liath will help review your current technology setup, evaluate your new needs and help make customized recommendations for your TMH practice.

Areas covered will include:

  • Videoconferencing platform options and selection based on desired features and functionality
  • Communication tools — email, texting, phone service
  • Record keeping method — paper, electronic or cloud based records — and related security processes
  • Systems for securely and efficiently receiving intake paperwork and forms

Having safe, secure and easy to use software will help make sure you are set up for success. This coaching appointment will include a worksheet and 45 minute appointment with Liath.

PCT TMH certificate holders $200.
All other users (Members and Non-Members) $250.

This consulting appointment can be utilized by any one, however will be most beneficial for those who have taken the TMH certificate program and will be highlighting material taught in the course.