Consulting and Services

Sometimes you need a little help. Don’t worry, the PCT team is on it.

Consulting with Roy

When it comes to digital ethics quandaries, security and privacy in your practice and other tech concerns for mental health providers sometimes you need a lot of help. Roy’s happy to be there for you when you do.

Non-Member Cost $250 for 1 hour. Member Cost $200 for 1 hour.

Roy does offer short consultations for your quick questions.
Non- Member $70 for 15 minutes. Member $56 for 15 minutes.     Get consulting with Roy  

Group consultation for groups up to 6 people. $375 for 1 hour. 
Roy also provides training and education. Please see details here.


Tech Select with Liath

Need help selecting your tech? This service by Liath will provide you with a quick way to evaluate your current software and tech and provide custom solutions and a road map to address your “low hanging fruit” quickly and efficiently.

  • a current picture of your practice tech utilization and security measures
  • a clear distillation of your goals and needs for the tech and tech security components of your practice
  • recommendations for specific software products and tools to acquire to meet your needs
  • a concrete plan for how to achieve security fundamentals for your devices and services
  • a customized roadmap for making identified changes and transitioning to new tools and processes —  which includes direct guidance, support, tools and resources through your membership

This Service will provide you with a worksheet and 45 minute appointment with Liath.    Tech Select with Liath
Non-Member Cost $250. Member Cost $200.


Practice Development Planning with Nicole

Need some business guidance?  Nicole will help you with business solutions wither you are an individual practice looking to start or implement changes to your practice or a large group who wants to work on problem solving and refining operations.

  • identify and set individual goals
  • problem solve challenges, develop solutions, and customize your practice to your needs
  • set plan for implementing strategy define methods to keep you constantly progressing and on track

This service is available as an individual session for single topic, small changes.
Non-Member Cost $250. Member Cost $200. 

For larger scale projects with multiple steps we have a package of 5 sessions, customized worksheets, plan documentation, and custom tracking sheets.
MEMBERS ONLY. Member Cost $1950.      Practice Development with Nicole  


Telemental Health- Tech Check: Lights, Camera, Action

Almost ready for your first TMH session? Why not run though a mock appt to make sure you are camera ready. PCT will help verify that you are presentation ready and help make sure that your lighting, sound and surroundings are optimal and your tech is functioning properly.

PCT TMH certificate holders $200.                        TMH: Lights, Camera, Action!  
All other users (Member and Non-Members) $250.


Telemental Health- Tech Select

The PCT team can help you choose which software platforms or support software are a best fit for your personal practice online therapy needs.

PCT TMH certificate holders $200.
All other users (Members and Non-Members) $250.                  TMH: Tech Select