Consulting For Software Developers Who Wish to Reach The Mental Health Market

Health IT is a fast growing market, and most companies are concentrating on medical customers. If you’re looking at this page, however, you’re probably interested in getting help in expanding your reach to the mental health world.

Mental health practitioners are actively seeking out software and other technical tools to help them reach and help their clients in simple, secure, and effective ways. The market is still quite spotty, and a number of niches are not yet filled. The “killer app” for delivery of mental health services through the Internet and on mobile devices has yet to be developed.

As a former developer, mental health clinician, and trainer for my mental health colleagues on legal and ethical issues in tech, I am in a position to know what mental health clinicians need from their software in terms of:

  • Ethical mandates around confidentiality and business practices
    • Note: the security and privacy needs of mental health providers are not always the same as those of medical providers.
  • Ease of use for both clinicians and, very importantly, clients
  • How mental health clinicians work with their clients, and how software can support that work
  • What kinds of infrastructure and financial resources are typically available to mental health clinicians


If you decide I can help you, my consulting fees are $400/hr.

Consultation time can be purchased here.


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