Finally, a good alternative to GoDaddy!

Leasing domain names — the bits at the beginning of Web addresses like “” and “” — has long been a realm of cheap fly-by-nights and scammers. Graduates of my therapy site class know that after years of struggling with honest domain registrars folding and then dealing with shady folks at other registrars, I finally gave in and started using the socially irresponsible service, GoDaddy. Yuck.

No more of that. I found Hover and I officially am happy with my domain name registration company again!

I transferred one of my domain registrations to Hover today and I found the process to be simple, humane, honest and reasonably priced. For years, other registrars have offered to protect your contact information for a fee. Hover does it for free.

I have been registering domain names for over 14 years, and never have I honestly provided contact information. With Hover, I did — for the first time.

If I sound like I’m gushing, it’s because I am. This should be an indicator of how dissatisfying the world of domain name registration can be.

Hover is a great GoDaddy alternative for domain name registration. I hope they stay in business.

Edit: Disclosure Statement: I signed up for Hover’s “refer a friend” program. Now if you click the link to Hover that’s posted above and register a domain name, Hover will give me store credit. Note that this does not influence my recommendation in any way. (For example, GoDaddy will give me unfettered cash payments for referring people to them, and yet I am unswayed…)


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