Mount Rainier Over Tacoma

The Person-Centered tech crew is taking our show on the road to Tacoma, WA on October 5th. This time we’ll be talking about digital ethics in private practice, and answering these burning questions and more:

Early reg is $98 for licensed pros and $50 for associates and students

  • Is it possible for me to go “paperless” while keeping client confidentiality intact?
  • Is it safe for myself and my clients to promote my practice online? How do I protect our privacy and confidentiality?
  • Can I share my passion for my work on my website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. without crossing ethical lines?
  • Can I safely use my website as a resource for clients?
  • My clients want me to take credit cards. Can I do that? Will I lose my shirt or violate HIPAA or ethics codes if I do?
  • How do I ethically deal with negative online reviews? Can I ethically use reviews to promote my practice?
  • Can I email or text my clients with scheduling and billing concerns without violating HIPAA?

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