You can meet your clients where they are with technology and still protect them and your practice

Digital Confidentiality According to Professional Ethics and HIPAA: A Heart-Centered Approach LEVELS I & II 

Binary WallI’ve scheduled four dates for my much-lauded, highest-rated webinar series on digital confidentiality and complying with HIPAA security.

Level I: March 14th, 10AM – 1PM. Registration Info here
Level II: March 21st, 10AM – 1PM. Registration Info here

Level I: April 21st, 2PM – 5PM. Registration Info here
Level II: April 28th, 2PM – 5PM. Registration info here

You don’t have to take Level II, but most people end up doing so. And I do ask you to take Level I before you take Level II.

These webinars will, in series, cover the points of HIPAA Security and the HITECH law that are most relevant to psychotherapy and counseling professionals, and takes a detailed look at the tech we typically use and how it impacts our clients’ privacy and security, the ways our clients engage with it, and what we need to do to use it in practice.

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LEVEL I Educational Objectives:

  • Determine what the clinician needs to do to achieve compliance with HIPAA Security and HITECH mandates around transmission technology.
  • Describe security standards like encryption and when we need them in clinical practice – legally, ethically and practically.
  • Assess popular communications technologies for ethical, clinical and practical appropriateness for use with clients.

LEVEL II Educational Objectives:

  • Incorporate client behaviors and beliefs around security/privacy into assessment and treatment.
  • Conduct a HIPAA-compliant risk analysis and create a risk management plan
  • Describe what is needed to secure data storage and mobile devices to HIPAA-compliant levels

I hope to “see” you there!

Details and Reg Info For This Program


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