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Various Links Mentioned In the Webinar

Jay’s company (includes a contact form to email Jay): http://behavioralhealthinnovation.com

Distance Counseling Credential (be aware it is nearing the end of a major revision): http://www.cce-global.org/dcc

Comparisons of hundreds of telehealth options (includes Roy’s blog post about payments): https://www.telementalhealthcomparisons.com

Telehealth platform Jay helped create: https://www.adaptivetelehealth.com

Our article about free telehealth software options: https://personcenteredtech.com/2016/02/16/free-online-therapy-software-compared-usefulness-ease-security-support-hipaa

Another good low cost telehealth option: https://www.wecounsel.com

Telehealth service plus client->therapist matching: https://www.breakthrough.com

Internet connection troubleshooting article: https://personcenteredtech.com/2016/05/27/online-therapy-video-sessions-go-glitchy-tips

Full disk encryption article: https://personcenteredtech.com/2013/04/05/hipaa-safe-harbor-for-your-computer-the-ultimate-in-hipaa-compliance-the-compleat-guide

Practice management software reviews and consulting: https://tameyourpractice.com/

Q: Talking too fast re the names of distant counseling companies.
A: InSight, Breakthrough

Q: Can he please repeat the exact names of training companies for telehealth training certifications?
A: The only certification is the Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC): http://www.cce-global.org/dcc

Q: Is a separate certification required before offering tele-mental health?
A: Generally no, but (as always at the moment) several state licensing boards require it.

Q: what color paint does Jay use for his background on the wall behind him?  He mentioned blue-ish- why?
Q: Came in late :( What equipment is Jay using? Lighting, camera, etc. Very nice picture.
A: The camera is just the builtin one on the Mac.

Some info on lighting and color from Brian:
I majored in theater and actually took a lighting design class, so I looked around for some useful webcast info articles: https://blog.inxpo.com/best-practices-for-delivering-a-webcast-with-lighting-webcam-and-mic/

I wouldn’t actually buy this product but they have useful tips: http://viewmelight.com/tips-tricks

This one is slightly more technical: http://www.on24.com/blog/webcast-video-lighting/

The reason for the darker neutral background is that it helps highlight the lighter colored skin and clothing of the well-lit presenter. Note that the light you are using, the skin color of the presenter, and the dominant colors of the presenters wardrobe can all influence which color works best. If it’s possible to try before you buy/paint, I encourage you to do so. (At least keep the receipts for any equipment you buy!)

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