RoyWe here at Person Centered Tech are absolutely flabbergasted, excited, and thrilled to report that we are now an approved continuing education provider for the American Psychological Association (APA)! (And we’re having a sale to celebrate. More in a minute.)

We decided to pursue APA approval in Spring of 2016. So many Psychologists from states like California and Kentucky asked us when we would be able to provide CE hours for them. They also wanted to get the most out of our Person Centered Tech Support program, which includes 9.5 CE hours with the membership. So we knew we had to get that approval.

It was a hard, long slog through not only a lot of paperwork but also a lot of humbling and emotionally grueling processes. But with perseverance — and some vital help from certain friends — we made it. And we’re happy to add it to our CE certificates from here on.

So now, Psychologists (and a number of other professionals) all over the US can use our continuing education courses for their license renewal. In addition to the fact that we provide the most authoritative and therapy-affirming courses on technology in mental health, now you can get CE hours for your time to-boot. Plus I finally get to use this graphic that I’ve been thinking up for just this occasion:

Person Centered Tech Heart Psychology

We’re Celebrating With a Sitewide Sale (20% Off)

We figure that a lot of people will want to start taking our courses now, so we’re having a 20% everything sale through May 7th.

You can see the course catalog here→

You can see the details on our Person Centered Tech Support memberships here→

Where Should I Start? What’s the Most Efficient Way To Get PCT’s Offerings?

Two things come to mind:

1) The most efficient way to get our offerings right now is to subscribe to Person Centered Tech Support. In addition to weekly Office Hours sessions, HIPAApropriateness reviews, and the Video Help Center, the membership includes 9.5 CE hours including our core 7-hour Digital Confidentiality course series. The courses were added to our service so our members would have the basic HIPAA and ethics education necessary to take full advantage of our services.

If you’re not sure about the service, Liath is more than happy to schedule a 10 minute consultation with you to see how PCT can you meet your therapy tech needs. Don’t hesitate to schedule with her. You can email [email protected]

See Person Centered Tech Support Here→

2) Many of our learners are most interested in getting started with online therapy but would also like to take our core courses. In that case, the most efficient thing to do is to get our Telemental Health Super Starter Pack. It’s 14 CE hours across 7 courses, including our core Digital Confidentiality course series.

Once again, feel free to schedule a consultation with Liath if you need more information about the package. You can email [email protected]

See the Telemental Health Super Starter Pack Here→

If you’d rather start small, you can get any of courses a la carte, of course. Check out the course catalog here→.

However you use our services, we’re glad you’re here and we’re happy to share this important milestone with you. Here’s hoping for many more of them this year!

-Roy, Brian, and Liath


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