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Get 17.5+ CE hours on practice tech and telemental health, personal consultation with Roy and the PCT team 4 times/month for a whole year, and so much more.

Roy Huggins, LPC NCCSeveral years ago, I noticed that my colleagues would frequently ask me a lot of small or medium questions about practice tech and ethics. So I started offering 15-minute consults to accommodate them. The problem was that then I saw these colleagues would find themselves buying many 15-minute consults in order to get their needs covered.

It really seemed like they were spending a lot of money in order to cover basic needs, and I thought there had to be a better way to do it.

That’s why I started Office Hours. One January a few years back, I started getting online for 90 minutes about every week and took whatever questions our members threw my way.

Since then, Office Hours has grown into a full membership service with “HIPAApropriateness” reviews of products, depthful CE courses on HIPAA and digital ethics, and a lot more. But that same Office Hours concept is still the core of it. Our members can call on us for their practice tech and digital ethics needs without added costs for their practices. It’s exactly how I imagined it should be.

This month, around Cyber Monday, we want to help more of our colleagues join us and start getting the peace of mind we offer in 2018.

From now until November 30th, we’ll include our Telemental Health Basic Starter Pack of CE courses with your initial subscription to our membership service. That is our most popular product pairing, and we’re giving it to you for $79 off until November 30th.

The Telemental Health Basic Starter Pack includes 7 CE hours across 4 courses meant to help you get started in the world of telemental health. Our core HIPAA and technology courses are included in the membership, so between the two you’ll get our full telemental health CE offering along with our membership-based support services.

And more CE hours are on their way for our members, now that we’ve launched our CE for OH (“Continuing Education for Office Hours”) beta program. The CE for OH program gives our members additional and fresh CE opportunities on an ongoing basis — both live and recorded. CE program topics are chosen based on what members have been asking us about, and members are empowered to influence the topics of future sessions with their requests.

Person Centered Tech’s membership service gives you peace of mind and removes the overwhelm of HIPAA, digital ethics, and practice tech so you can focus on client care. Come join us this month!

Get Membership and the TMH Courses at $79 Off


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