“How do I get recordings of my sessions to my supervisor?”

Since everyone is doing teletherapy in some way, we are seeing this question pop up a lot.  We’ve talked about this in Office Hours and since everyone is in teletherapy, even supervisees, we figured we’d address it on a super accessible platform… like Facebook Live!

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Join Roy as he talks through this here:

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There are some significant considerations that you need to address with your tech in order to record a session safely and ethically.


How does a supervisee record teletherapy sessions and securely get those recordings to their supervisor?

1) Make sure the informed consent covers the fact that you *will* record, and make sure the state has no rules against recording teletherapy sessions.

2) Use the videoconferencing software’s recording feature, if it has one. Otherwise, make sure you *don’t* use a cloud-based recording tool.

3) The supervisor can set up a GSuite account (with a BAA) and share a separate GDrive folder with each supervisee. The supervisee can then drop video files into that folder. Alternatively, the supervisee could send the video using secure email, or upload it to Dreamaker.


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