We can see that many thousands of our colleagues use our free resources every month. That’s great! It’s an honor to be a consistent resource to serve our community. Everyone at PCT is here because we value the principle of helping the helpers.


Who knew, however, that keeping the doors open on this enterprise costs money? Well, we’ve figured that out by now, of course. We have a team of folks working hard to identify, and both responsively and proactively meet the needs of our community every day!
sponsorship policy updateIn order to help keep our resources and services accessible and affordable, we have updated our sponsorship policy for partners and sponsors of Person Centered Tech.

What changed:

  • Sponsorship can be made for more than just free articles
  • Outlines how we declare sponsors
  • Clarifies the strict criteria of who can sponsor events, conferences, materials, and more


Readers and clients may, understandably, wonder if accepting sponsorship might influence our product recommendations. In order to balance the need to avoid conflicts of interest with the need for us to earn revenue for our work, we have this policy regarding the specific criteria which  sponsors must meet :

Read the Sponsorship Policy here.

It is our priority to first give you the best possible recommendations and quality information. We will not partner with, accept sponsorship from, or recommend a vendor/service provider without believing in the benefit of their service to our community on the basis of meeting specific conditions.

We value your trust, and that is the basis on which we have built our community.

As such, we have renewed our statement of transparency, support, and care through our sponsorship policy. 

We want to continue to be upfront with you on how sponsorships work with PCT, and how we balance our roles in our community with our need to pay our bills and keep our staff employed.

Thank you for your continued support of our work, and participation in the PCT community.


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