Welcome solo and group practice owners! We are Liath Dalton and Evan Dumas, your co-hosts of Group Practice Tech.

In our latest episode, we talk with Patrick Casale from All Things Private Practice about leading with intentionality in group practice.

We discuss intentions behind starting a group practice; skills that going into being a good leader and practice owner; moving forward from mistakes; making values-based decisions; encouraging job satisfaction and preventing burnout; having hard conversations; being open to healthy conflict and constructive criticism; being willing to delegate; adding administrative support; and what systems, policies, and procedures to have in place when starting a group.

Guest Bio

Patrick Casale is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health and Addictions Therapist in Asheville, NC.. He is the owner of All Things Private Practice and Resilient Mind Counseling. Patrick works as a Private Practice Coach and Strategist, and is also a Group Practice Owner, Motivational Speaker, Retreat Planner, and the host of All Things Private Practice Podcast. He has been featured on Private Practice Startup, Abundance Practice Building, Therapy Reimagined, Not Your Typical Psychotherapist, Selling The Couch, and Modern Therapists. Patrick is a passionate advocate, reducing shame and stigma of mental health, as well as impostor syndrome. Patrick helps mental health entrepreneurs break the mold, work through their fears and insecurities, and to embrace their Authenticity. He loves good coffee, craft beer, playing soccer, and traveling the world.

Resources and how to connect with Patrick

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