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When we say we “get you” it’s because we ARE you. Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, is a practicing clinician and an adjunct ethics professor at Portland State University. Roy and the team of therapists and tech experts at PCT are all here to help our colleagues in mental health build group practices that leverage tech to provide safe, effective client care.

Comprehensive Service Plans for Real-World Group Practices. 

Get comprehensive, up-to-date education from industry experts who facilitate the real world application of vital considerations around HIPAA, Teletherapy, Digital Ethics and more in ways that you remember, enjoy and can actually use in your real practice. 

We service groups with just one additional staff member up to agencies with hundreds of staff members. Our principles work because they are custom fit to you.

Who said tech and HIPAA had to be stuffy and boring?


I DEEPLY appreciate all your help as I made all these fundamental decisions for my group. I know I can’t anticipate ALL the issues that will arise, but I prefer to look as far ahead as possible to avoid any unnecessary problems. I really appreciate you!

Maya Sprague, LMHC

Owner, Clinical Director & Psychotherapist, NORTHWEST HOLISTIC THERAPIES

Your Supportive Partner In Optimizing Your Practice.

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Let’s Talk HIPAA

HIPAA Training for Clinical and Admin Staff

Get your staff trained in both HIPAA and related mental health professional standards with ROLE BASED trainings.

Each HIPAA training is created with adult learning principles to help your team retain the information and knowledge they learn.

These courses are provided for your entire team when you enroll in our Group Service Plans but are also available a la carte or in our Marketplace.

Group HIPAA Security Service Plans

HIPAA compliance is a lot like therapy…. it’s a process.

Implement a practical functioning security program while becoming HIPAA secure and compliant with our HIPAA Security Service Plans.

Get the ideal balance of support through onboarding, Security Officer Training and Group Office Hours with our new Supported Program.

Allow Staff to Bring Their Own Devices into Clinical Work Safely

Bring Your Own Device options can be really wonderful — allowing staff to use the devices they know and love, and saving you from equipment costs. But it can be risky. The BYOD component of our HIPAA Security program ensures the practice and its clients are safe and secure.

We do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

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Teletherapy For Mental Health Pros

Group Practice Telemental Health Program

Empower your clinicians by equipping them with training and support in a teletherapy process that WORKS for your specific needs.

All the policy templates, practice forms, and expert coaching needed to design your program, train your team, and launch your teletherapy practice.

Step confidently into providing effective client care via teletherapy.

Not Sure Which is Right For You?

That’s okay!

No one knows this stuff intuitively, and we are here to support you and help you find exactly what you need. No pressure to sign up or sales tricks to confuse you.

We’ve got you!

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Services for Group Practices

Live Group Consultations

Group Practice Office Hours (GOH) is the weekly open-office live (and recorded) consultation event where you can get personalized support for your practice questions from industry experts.

Chat with PCT Experts including Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, and Liath Dalton plus gain support from therapist lawyer, Eric Ström, JD PhD LMHC. 

If it matters to you, it matters to us. 

Easy Upgrade to Full Service Supported Plans

Enjoy a discounted price, and a smooth integration into our HIPAA security plans.

Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation done in one afternoon

No more Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation tasks lingering over your head– we’ll do your Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation planning FOR you.

Get the most vital piece of your HIPAA security checked off your list with our Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation HIPAA Security Module

Group Practice Tech : A Podcast for Group Leaders

A podcast where we help mental health group practice owners ethically and effectively leverage tech to improve their practices.

Available on your favorite streaming service.

At Person Centered Tech we believe that client centered care and technology can be harmonious and mutually beneficial.

  • Yes to what you need
  • For Mental health, by Mental health

Helping therapists legally, ethically and effectively meet their clients where they are.


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