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PCT’s membership offers tech reviews and how-to material to use your tech compliantly.

PCT’s membership is a fully encompassing support system for mental health professionals and their tech needs. We all use tech in some aspects of our practice so making sure we do it intentionally, compliantly, ethically and as simply as possible. Our membership offers CE, user friendly tools, customizable documents, how to resources, product reviews, and even a place to bring all of your questions for customized answers.

The membership is available for $35 a month (or $350 a year).

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I want Direct Assistance

Tech Selection Coaching with Liath

Need help selecting your complaint tech? This service by Liath will provide you with a quick way to evaluate your current software and tech and help provide new options and solutions.

  • a current picture of your practice tech utilization and security measures
  • a clear distillation of your goals and needs for the tech and tech security components of your practice
  • recommendations for specific software products and tools to acquire to meet your needs
  • a concrete plan for how to achieve security fundamentals for your devices and services
  • a customized roadmap for making identified changes and transitioning to new tools and processes

45 minute phone appointment and worksheet

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