Staff HIPAA Training



Select the number of each training course type you would like to purchase for your team. Please select one course seat per training recipient.

  • Clinical Staff Training: Privacy Ethics and HIPAA Fundamentals for Mental Health Professionals (2 CE credit hours. Legal-Ethical)
  • Admin Training: Practical Application of HIPAA and Mental Health Ethics for Admin Staff (2 hours. Non-CE)
  • Leadership Training: Security Officer Endorsement Program (12 hours. 10 CE credit hours — Legal-Ethical)
  • All Staff Training: HIPAA Security Awareness Grab-Bag 2020 (1 hour. Non-CE)
  • Topical Training: Teletherapy from the Home or Mobile Office: HIPAA, Ethical, and Standard of Care Issues (1 CE credit hour. Legal-Ethical)


Teletherapy Practice: What You Didn’t Know You Don’t Know

Pay what you can live event

2 CE credit hours (1 legal-ethical)

While many of us are feeling confident about our teletherapy processes, we are also aware that there are likely areas of practice where we don’t know what we don’t know. Join Roy Huggins, LPC NCC and Liath Dalton as they work to address the things you didn’t know you don’t know.

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