Staff HIPAA Training


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Select the number of each training course type you would like to purchase for your team. Please select one course seat per training recipient.

  • Clinical Staff Training: Privacy Ethics and HIPAA Fundamentals for Mental Health Professionals (2 CE credit hours. Legal-Ethical)
  • Admin Training: Practical Application of HIPAA and Mental Health Ethics for Admin Staff (2 hours. Non-CE)
  • Leadership Training: Security Officer Endorsement Program (12 hours. 10 CE credit hours — Legal-Ethical)
  • All Staff Training: HIPAA Security Awareness Grab-Bag 2020 (1 hour. Non-CE)
  • Topical Training: Teletherapy from the Home or Mobile Office: HIPAA, Ethical, and Standard of Care Issues (1 CE credit hour. Legal-Ethical)

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Legality and Permissibility to Practice Across Jurisdictions in the United States worksheet

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Cross-Border Practice in the Age of Telehealth: Interstate and International Mental Health Practice, 2021 Edition

All new content reflecting the updated details for 2021. 2 CE credit hours. 

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