The Plan: Policies & Procedures

Foundational. Functional. Facilitative. 

We know…..Documentation or it wasn’t Done!

Policies & Procedures are not just a necessary component of being HIPAA compliant, they are designed to help you integrate best practices to maintain safety and security. PCT’s Policy & Procedure templates are designed in a way to have you quickly and efficiently develop operations to be secure and maintain compliance.

No business is one size fits all! Since different clinics have different needs, our customizable templates are specifically developed to fit your business structure whither you are a solo practice or a multi-clinican practice.

PCT also has supplied Forms & Logs to help you document your security activities. Forms & Logs were created to help you document when you performed actions such as computer backups, taken CE courses, or changed passwords. As with all of our tools, PCT will help provide constant, individualized support through our Office Hours Sessions.

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Foundational. Functional. Facilitative.

Q & A about Our Policies & Procedures

1. What are Policies & Procedures and why do I need them?

P & P are designed to work with the Risk Tool. The main goal is to put in operations to help reduce the likelihood or impact of a risk. Additionally, your P & P will help you create your contingency plans for emergency preparedness. P & P are an integral part of being compliant, and they also help you define the practices which really puts the client at the center of your care. Therapeutic care is not just what happens during the clinical session, they include the operations that bookend and support your work.

2.  How often do I need to create P & P?

P & P are created and will need to be reviewed yearly. We know that changes don’t only happen on just an annual basis, so as you find the need to change or update your practices you will also need to update the supporting P & P and create a new version.

3.  What do the Forms & Logs look like?

Forms & Logs are, typically, word documents that you can use as is or adapt to fit your personal needs. These sheets can be printed out and written on or they can be be used electronically. Some of the larger practices’ F & L may contain Excel spreadsheets so they can handle more information.

4. I have a group practice.  What do I need to do to access the proper set of documents?

Group practices come with a high level of complexity since you are typically working with multiple clinicians, support staff, temporary helpers, and off premises services. We have designed P & P and F & L to work specifically with this level of complexity and they are available for download with our Group Practice Services. Check out what we offer Group Practices!