I’m going to let you in on some PCT-behind the scenes today:

When we talk about things we’ve gotta do, we talk A LOT about penguins.

In PCT lexicon, penguins refer to all the things you need to remember to do. Your iceberg is your capacity (your memory, time etc.) and we are all, always, balancing these little things with our capacity.

Sometimes, those sweet little penguins waddle, jump (leap?!) or otherwise roll right off your iceberg. They’re cute, but they don’t like staying put!
So sometimes, you have to track them down. I’m imagining you reading this and remembering something that has slipped your mind (Client you needed to call back? Note you forgot to sign?). That my friend, is a lost penguin you put back on your iceberg.

>With so many little details that clutter up your day, it can be hard to push them all aside so you can be truly present for your clients and hold that safe space for them. It’s a skill you’ve worked hard on, and yet, for many folks, it can still be a big challenge to balance the practice management elements of being a practicing clinician with the work that you love to do with your clients.

That’s how PCT can help

The consultants at PCT have worked to help thousands (tens of thousands!) of clinicians optimize their practice, systematize their workload, and secure their operations so that they can be present and not worry about “lost penguins” that can cause them, their practice, or their clients harm.

The PCT Way is our codification of our consulting work. We’ve distilled what you need into a 5-step pathway that will help you optimize your practice and cover your HIPAA bases.  Learn more about the PCT Way here.


If you haven’t started on your PCT Way work yet, here’s a quick cheat sheet to beat the emotional overhead and get you stepping forward. 

  • If you don’t know where to start, start at Step 1: Service Selection.
  • If you need to get yourself or your team trained, start at Step 2: Training
  • If you want to get the most dramatic piece done and out of the way, start at Step 3: Devices. We have tools to help you (and your team, if you have one) secure your phones, laptops, and other devices.
  • If you feel clear that you need a Risk Analysis first, start at Step 4: Risk Analysis and Mitigation.
  • If you’re wanting to get your policies and procedures done, tackle Step 5: HIPAA manual. The process will help guide you through all of the steps.
For Solo Practitioners

Upgrade to Solo Practice Care Premium for even more support

Here’s what you get with Solo Practice Care Premium:

  • Service Selection Workbook and Materials (step one of the PCT Way)
  • 1 CE Credit Hour HIPAA Guided Reading (works with step two of the PCT Way)
  • Select Forms and Templates to use in your practice
  • Access to Device Security Center (step three of the PCT Way)
  • Access to Office Hours Weekly Consultation service
  • 25% discount on foundational HIPAA trainings (when you pay for the year upfront: Annual)

For Group Practices

Save with an upgrade to Group Practice Care Premium

Upgrade to Group Practice Care Premium and receive even MORE functionality and tools to help you manage your team.

green check mark Assign Device Security tools to your team so they can secure their devices and log their security tasks

green check mark Train your team on how to secure each device they use for PHI (and stay completely hands-off the process)

green check mark Access for you and your team to the Device Security Center, where you can watch instructional videos that walk you step-by-step through the process.

green check mark Set and change due dates, kind reminders, and get notified when training is complete

green check mark  Get 1 Seat Leadership Access to Group Practice Office Hours  where you can bring your questions and concerns and talk to the PCT team of consultants including a monthly session with HIPAA Attorney and mental health professional, Eric Ström, JD PhD LMHC

green check mark Get 1 Seat Leadership Access to Group Practice Office Hours  library


green check mark Save 25% on foundational HIPAA trainings and a rotating topical training to keep

Practice Care gives you the support you need, whether you are in a private practice or leading a group practice. See more about Practice Care here.

And keep your penguins from falling off your iceberg!


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