Welcome group practice owners! We are Liath Dalton and Evan Dumas, your co-hosts of Group Practice Tech.

In our latest episode, Liath chats with Dr. Tara Sanderson about overcoming hiring challenges by bringing on interns and supervisees (legally and ethically) to your group practice.

We discuss training the next generation of practitioners; meeting the present demand for care; cohort style group practice model vs longer term models; getting paid by insurance for supervisees and interns; differences between trainees in the medical field and the mental health field; keeping track of supervisory billing for each insurance company; negotiating insurance contracts and how rates are impacted; how to structure compensation; pros of this model vs hiring fully licensed clinicians; the software and systems to use to keep things running efficiently; considerations for keeping clinicians around post-licensure; and how you can work with Tara to bring interns and supervisees to your group practice.

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  • Dr. Sanderson’s website for her full training on How to Have Interns in Your Practice, which includes an Intern Manual + forms; plus additional resources, and consultation with Dr. Sanderson.
  • Dr. Sanderson’s CE training series at PCT: Incorporation of Interns and Supervisees in Mental Health Private Practice: Legal-Ethical, Training, and System Resource Management Considerations
  • The PCT Way System for optimizing and fortifying your mental health group practice
  • PCT’s Group Practice Care Premium: one of the key resource, support and team management systems Dr. Sanderson utilizes to manage device security, remote workspace security, HIPAA and ethics trainings for her team of interns and supervisees

Learn more about Incorporating interns & supervisees into mental health private practice:


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