$100 off HIPAA Manual

You’ve been selected to receive
$200 off a Risk Analysis and Mitigation (RAMP) + Group Practice HIPAA Manual + Group Practice Care Premium! 

What's in the Risk Analysis and Mitigation (RAMP)?

Get a supportive, shame-free risk analysis and mitigation plan! This is ideal for EVERY practice who has been operating for more than 6 months or hasn’t done a Risk Analysis within 1 year.

You’ll have your Risk Analysis done within 2 hours, using a tool built for solo practitioners OR group practice leadership, and receive a mitigation checklist to help you reduce your risks.

Fits in with Step 5: HIPAA Manual and can be used in conjunction with the PCT Way or separate. Meets the guidelines for HIPAA compliance requirement.. Learn More here

What's in the Group Practice HIPAA Manual?

HIPAA security compliance needs are all included in Step 5 of the PCT way– including the not-so-sexy logs and forms. Learn More here

What's in Group Practice Care Premium?

Group Practice Care is a software application that provides the resources and tools Group Practice Leadership and teams can access to support and educate in a set-it-and-forget-it way.

This is the one-stop place to easily manage your practice, avoid security breaches and reach full HIPAA compliance on your own pace.


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